Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Reading A Photo #2


Something really interesting about this photo is that it shows me that power can be shown even through an unborn baby. It seems as though there is a women's march for them to fight for their rights and show people that women are as equal as men. However something that isn't conveyed well is that the pregnant mother is already deciding her child's fate and what they are going to believe or be. The mother may want that for her child because that may be what she is, but others may see this and be discouraged that a baby would have to think about the world and all the troubles that come with it. The photo is symbolic because it's a way for representing a cause that is strongly believed in by many in our society today. If I was there in the photograph I would probably be overwhelmed because there might have been a big crowd, however I might have also felt strong especially with hundreds, or even thousands of people coming together for something they all want and believe in and it's a very beautiful thought and message. Thousands of strangers coming together as one.

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